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The Guild: New Recruit

Doctor James Darash enjoyed his life. He had an academic life that many envied. Soon to be a fully tenured professor at a major university, his life was going exactly the way he had planned it out. Sometimes, plans change. When a dark burgundy sedan enters James' life everything changes. The world he knew, or thought he knew, is turned upside down. Nothing will ever be the same for him. James faces creatures that he thought were only mythological, beasts that belong in the pages of books, on movie screens, not walking down the neighborhood streets. When the things that he knew to be false become true, James is faced with the toughest decision of his life. Does he chose to live a normal, quiet life, blissfully ignorant of the real world around him? Or does he chose to believe in the unbelievable? Find out in "The Guild: New Recruit."

Trinity Mist

Roger Cook had been looking forward to his trip from Charleston, South Carolina to New Orleans, Louisiana. The year was 1846 and sailing was a common event in Roger's life. This trip, however, would forever alter his life. Little did he know the hell that awaited him and all aboard the vessel the "Trinity Mist."

Plagued by the sins of Captain Hall, the "Trinity Mist" pays the debts of her master. Crippled by storms and haunted by unknown entities, every moment is a fight for survival. Every night brings more terror than the day. No one is safe. No one is left untouched. Evil runs free on board.

The "Trinity Mist" is sailing into the open ocean, and hell follows.


Love Sucks

"Love Sucks" is a poetic journey that covers the ups and downs of my love life, or lack there of. The peaks are full of joy and happiness. The valleys are full of broken hearts and tears. It has been an interesting sojourn that I am still on. I love to love, I'm just not very good at it.


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